Stress and the Immune System

The immune system is very complex and functions to seek and destroy bodily invasions. It is responsible for identifying everything that is foreign to our systems and protect us from infection. This is a system I recommend taking care of; you see, high levels of stress that go untreated will suppress your immune system, preventing it from working at 100% of its ability.

The effects of stress on the immune system are many and include, but are not limited to: weakened defenses, lower resistance to infections and viral illnesses, as well as, increased susceptibility to allergies and malignant cell changes that encourage the growth and spread of cancer.

Unfortunately, we have come to live in a highly toxic environment, therefore it is as important as ever to support healthy function of your immune system. I recommend regular massage to reduce stress and strengthen your immunity, and in the short term, try a good laugh! Stress constricts blood vessels, weakening our immune system and ability to fight off disease. Studies have shown that laughter (& massage therapy) lowers levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine, and in effect, reverses the constriction of blood vessels, helping to support better immune function.

Massage Therapy & The Lymphatic System

  • Cleanses the body of wastes and toxic debris in the body
  • Increases the circulation of lymph
  • Stimulates the immune system (strengthens resistance to disease)
  • Reduces edema of the extremities (arms and legs)
  • Removal of lactic acid from fatigued and sore muscles (promotes quick recovery)
  • Increases kidney action to remove wastes of protein metabolism
  • Increases retention of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur to aid in bone repair
  • Speeds recovery from illness

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