Who are Massage Boulder’s People?

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Massage Boulder’s Healing Parnters (You): Anyone seeking to maintain good health or improve their quality of life, I welcome you.

  • Those seeking the tools and support to nourish their nervous system. Anyone who has experienced chronic or acute dysreguation or “stress.” You desire the ability to navigate life’s challenges with more ease and to experience your best ability to connect and heal. You wish to have a nervous system that operates with resilience. Perhaps you want to get “unstuck” and feel a greater sense of agency in your life.
  • Athletes, of any ability, you know who you are – honing your skills and fitness in an activity, that you love. You may be a Professional Athlete, whose job requires you meet specific physical demands in order to continue working. Your recovery time is crucial and must be minimized for efficiency and success. You need someone who can not only help you avoid injury and maximize your performance potential, but also help you recover from injury, and support you every step of the way – mindbody.

NOTE of Interest for Athletes: The benefits of massage therapy and bodywork are numerous and profound. Recent research by, Tarnopolsky, found that the genes that regulate inflammation, which are normally turned on by exercise, were less active after massage. Tarnopolsky also found that the genes responsible for synthesizing new mitochondria – the energy generators of our cells – in muscle cells were more active after massage. Increasing mitochondrial density is one of the key responses to endurance training that increases aerobic fitness.

  • The individual who has received a lot of massage or bodywork in their life. You have come to realize that due to daily life (work, stress, activities, family), those areas of chronic tension are speaking to you through aches and pains. You know that if you don’t take care of yourself now (poor posture, chronic tension, joint ache), your aches and pains may get worse, and not get better on their own – this is neuroplastic pain. You need someone who won’t waste your time, but will take the time to listen to you. You want to work with someone who knows what they are doing, and will give you clear insight, someone who will give you care when you walk in the door.
  • A person who is in pain and has a soft tissue injury – muscle, tendon, or ligament. You need a healing treatment plan. You’ll be coming in twice a week in the beginning, and will taper down to maintenance care: about 2-1 session per month. You are likely working with other health care professionals, i.e. Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist. New tendonitis injuries take 6-8 weeks of daily therapy to heal, and chronic injuries take 8-12 weeks. You want to be injury and pain free. You are ready to work and give care to yourself. Your compliance is crucial to your healing process.
  • Those who understand and live the integration of body, mind, and spirit. You work to align your spirituality, your purpose, your heart, and your goals. You know you have “stuff” to release in your bodymind, in order to live with optimal health and ease. You are looking for someone who can support your journey. You are looking for someone who is sensitive, whose intuition leads the way, who meets you where you are at with support. Please consider Reiki and CranioSacral therapy in addition to massage therapy. Reiki or CranioSacral therapy can be added to any massage and bodywork service.