Why Massage Boulder?

I offer the highly specialized bodywork, attention, and education that you need to be supported every step of the way in attaining your goals in health and performance – keeping you living your best life. I understand the level of success that is possible when you have the support that you need. The benefits and importance of massage therapy and bodywork speak for themselves and hold a pronounced place in the world of psychophysiological medicine.

Massage Boulder: Health and Performance Benefits

  • Better Health – I will be with you as the whole person you are, supporting you to attain optimal health and performance, keeping you active
  • Support a healthy relationship with yourself and others in your life – you will experience more safety in your body, and as a result, decreased or eliminated pain/stiffness/soreness, improved mood and stress levels, and (athletes) find that you can improve performance and compliance to your training and racing plan or other goals
  • Peace of Mind – professional, providing quality care, I will support you giving care to yourself for your future, and your family’s future
  • Better Value – get the most out of your investment with regular, consistent massage therapy and bodywork

You are worth it! Make time for regular massage therapy and bodywork, they are necessary in maintaining good health and well being, they are not a luxury.

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How often should I get massage and bodywork?

People often ask, “How often should I see you?” There is one clear answer, as much as possible! Once a week, or more, if you want to progress or change your physiologic state, chronic tension levels, or patterns. Twice a week if you are an athlete in training, or if you are injured.

Receiving massage and bodywork once every two weeks provides minimum maintenance, receiving massage and bodywork once a month is better than anything less frequent, but lasting results are difficult to attain at this level of infrequency. Bottomline, get massage and bodywork as frequently as you can.

Many of the people that I work with see me every week or every other week. These people understand that our bodies need to be a priority in our time and financial budget, in order to maintain the best quality of life, meet performance goals, and reach the “average” 78 years or older, with good health intact. Get massage and bodywork and get the most out of life and sport!

Disclaimer: Any and all information contained on this website is purely for informational purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.