Your testimonials and referrals are some of the greatest compliments and are tremendously appreciated, thank you!

“You’re terrific…You nearly killed me yesterday, but damn my left hip is free and easy today! It’s a remarkable sense of my upper femur feeling  . . . unremarkable.
Thanks for another great session. I don’t know anyone whom I trust more than you!” J.B.

“I’m delighted to report that the philosophy of practicing FT with abandon throughout the day turns out to apply beautifully to skiing. I was tentative about getting back on the slopes today after very painful recent experiences where I could hardly stand up straight at the end of the day. After my first run today I felt some familiar strain in the low back. While riding the chairlift I felt inspired to see whether I could ski with a narrow stance founder. So…what happened on the next semi-steep bump run blew me away: I started the run in a shallow founder position, and quickly noticed that I not only didn’t feel any low back strain, but I was automatically placed in an aggressive and effective skiing position. And oddly, I felt my old high school racing form return and fluidly nailed the bump run and got strong edge articulation in the high-speed groomer section. Amazing!!

While riding the chair I did a few things that seemed to complement the founder-style skiing, in what amounted to active resting. Letting my poles hang between my closely spaced and parallel-positioned skis, I made side-by-side fists and isometrically pulled my knees together during the ride. At the same time I did decompression breathing. I was careful to not use the backrest of the chair and made sure to keep a nice curvature in the low back while breathing. I also added some good-mornings from that position.

The result was that I felt good each time I got off the lift, and skied strongly and well with little to no pain — and the conditions were bulletproof hard-pack to boot!

It was a joy to discover this, and I’m realizing that FT needs to be as much a part of my daily life as eating well and exercising. Thanks so much for helping me develop this new lifestyle, you’re a great teacher!” Scott

“There may be many good Massage Therapists in Boulder, but Maia Ignatz is definitely in the “Exceptional” category. Why am I certain of this? Because she has received that rating from my mother (95+), my adult son, and myself. We have very different needs because of our ages, but we agree, Maia is truly exceptional, highly skilled and attentive. You’re unlikely to get better professional massage therapy.” Rob Schware, Chautauqua, Boulder

“Maia’s excellence as a massage therapist comes from her mastery of technique as well as genuine care for her clients. Regarding her studio, it is impeccably clean and the table is extremely comfortable. She’s great at respecting the comfort level of the client regarding the amount of clothing they prefer to wear and where their physical limits are. Having been to many massage therapists, Maia is easily among the best.” Caroline B.

“Maia has been key to my recovery after compressing a vertebrae five months ago. She’s remarkably strong and intuitive and finds creative, helpful solutions for my pain, even when I’m not very good at describing that pain. She takes excellent note of how I’m doing and remembers, helping me to track my own progress. She’s been a lifesaver following this injury and I wouldn’t be skiing and running and swimming and cycling again without her. I’ve recommended Maia to friends who love her as much as I do. I’m sure you will, too!” Erin F.

“Maia’s expertise and listening skills are superb. She is one of the finest therapist’s in Boulder. Strongly recommend!” Jessica S.

“After a string of unsuccessful visits to various practitioners I found Maia at Massage Boulder.  Maia is not only knowledgeable about massage and physiology, she also listens to my description of problem areas and seems to know inherently how to tackle the problem.  As an injury prone athlete I fully recognize the benefits of receiving consistent massage therapy and am very grateful that I have FINALLY found someone with the knowledge and expertise that I’ve been tirelessly searching for.  I highly recommend anyone to schedule a visit!” Leanne M.

“Having been a triathlete for many years, I value the benefits of a great sports massage. Maia is definitely one of the best in the business who listens to your needs and delivers results.” Peyman R.

“I swear…I think you have magic in your fingers. I feel so much better today! You are the best!!!! A.L.

“I am [even more] honored to say that I was recently the recipient of Maia’s most qualified, wonderful, healing hands! I wish you nothing but success! I can’t wait to get on your table again soon!” M.S.

“Thanks Maia!  I felt a million times better this morning when I woke up, thanks!!” J.S.

“Thanks for your devotion ….and love for what you do ….” A.R.

“Feeling great after this morning. Thanks, Maia!” E.F.

“I had a great workout Sunday after massage! Thanks a bunch :)” J.B.

“I’m feeling pretty good – I played some of the best volleyball of my life on Saturday :)” B.C.

“I feel like a million bucks today, so thanks!” K.B.

“Your massage was excellent, very therapeutic and deep just the way I like it! My body is so much happier. See you in a few weeks!” K.W.

“I feel great!  Look forward to seeing you Friday. You are magic.” K.J.

“Thanks for all your help last year. You’re a miracle worker.” E.F.

“Thanks so much…I am glad we have you in our lives!” M.K.

“I just wanted to let you know again that yesterday was one of the best massage sessions for me. I feel great and my pain is so much less now. Thank you.” S.D.

“Thanks for a great massage.  You definitely hit some trouble spots and I appreciate it.  You are a gifted therapist.” L.B.

“Thanks, Maia. The massage was great. I was finally able to sleep on my left shoulder without any pain!” C.S.

“I just wanted to thank you for the massage the other day…You are an incredible healer…and I tell so many people about you.” H. M.

“…you are an awesome care giver…which is why we love you so much Maia!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you!!” A.L.

“…we are so very grateful for how much you are there to help us out.  Your willingness to work hard, coupled with your ability to do incredible bodywork, are things that we truly value.” M.L.

“Thank you, Maia, I am feeling great. Thank you so much for helping me out, I truly appreciate your expertise and awesome personality. :)” M.A.

“Thank you for finding a slot for me today before my big race. And thank you for working so hard to take care of all my aches and pains.  You are always intuitive, skilled and caring in your treatment.” P.A.

“The massage really helped a lot….I’m amazed at how much difference that made. Thank you so much.” I.N.

“You did such excellent work today.  Much gratitude. So glad you found this path.” E.B.

“Maia! You really know your stuff. I feel great.” E.K.

“Maia, was great! Was one of the best massages I have ever had> She was very accommodating with our schedule. I will be back!” C.C.

“Maia was AWESOME!!! Felt fantastic afterward…just what I needed.” A.D.

“It was the best massage I ever had!” C.I.

“Maia is one of the best.” B.B.

“I am so grateful for all the healing you have brought into my life…” H.M.

“Just wanted to tell you I felt fantastic on my long run today!! Did 15mi at Betasso and didnt feel any issue in both calves and back!! Thanks for keeping me healthy!” G.C.

“Wow, this Foundation Training stuff is so amazing.
I feel like a new person in a new body today…….and felt that way last evening, too.
Thanks for class.” M.S.

“I can’t thank you enough you are amazing!! Big hugs” P.S.P

“My massage was wonderful. I feel great today. Thank you so much.” N.C.