Stress and the Circulatory System

circulatory systemThe circulatory system comprises the heart, along with all the arteries, veins, capillaries, and blood. These major organs and tissues have a host of responsibilities for keeping the body alive. One of those responsibilities is to move oxgenated blood throughout the body and return deoxygenated blood to the heart and lungs. Oxgenated blood allows all the organs, tissues, and the body as a whole to function normally.

Cardiovascular disease is the general term for diseases of the circulatory system, commonly the heart, arteries and veins. It is believed that the stress hormones make blood thicker and thicker blood clots more easily. Chronic stress could cause blood clots to form within the bloodstream and impact blood getting to and from the heart. This specifically leads to strokes. It is well documented that stress has a substantial affect on the heart – physically, physiologically, and emotionally.

It has been shown that massage will act as a second heart, pumping blood 5 times as fast to the area being worked. Massage has nothing but positive effects on the circulatory system. So please, don’t let your stress go untreated. Massage Therapy can provide the following benefits to your Circulatory System:

  • Increases blood flow (to tissues and organs), which can relieve much muscular and joint pain (especially associated with swelling)
  • Increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients (to cells and tissues), improving and relieving congestion throughout the body
  • Increases the number of red blood cells, especially in cases of anemia
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduces heart rate (helps develop a stronger heart)
  • Elimination of metabolic waste
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