Foundation Training at Massage Boulder!

foun·da·tion  [foun-dey-shuhn]
noun 1. the basis or groundwork of anything

Advanced Life & Sports Performance: Foundation Training

Foundation Training Testimonials

Maia Ignatz, Foundation Training Instructor
My expertise in human movement, anatomy, and physiology, paired with my passion for life, sport, and helping others, makes me a great Foundation Training Instructor. I constantly strive to learn more and be my best in what I love and do in Life!

Foundation Training & Massage Therapy are perfect compliments to each other. Through massage therapy you will improve or maintain the condition of your tissues and bodily systems – from your mitochondria, fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscles, organs, immune system, nervous system, etc. to your mental/emotional being. Foundation Training will teach you to move properly, increase strength and flexibility, improving the faulty movement patterns that are causing aches, pains, and injuries.

Foundation Training: Relieve Pain, Improve Athletic Performance, and Prevent Injuries
Foundation Training is a series of body-weight exercises based on properly integrating the muscular chains of the body. Foundation exercises begin with the Posterior Chain of Muscles, to stabilize your spine and pelvis – your core, because our modern lifestyles cause most of these muscles to become weak and imbalanced. Weak and imbalanced muscles result in pain, decreased function, and improper movement patterns throughout the body. Get the most out of life and sport by training your body to move the way it was intended to move.

80-90% of Americans will experience chronic back pain at some time in their lives; however, this does NOT mean that back pain is normal, it is not normal. Back pain comes in many forms, from low back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain & neck pain, to low back pain with sciatica. Take action, be proactive and take care of your spine. Stop treating the symptom, the pain, and change the movement pattern(s) that are causing dysfunction, breakdown, and pain. Stabilize and strengthen your back & core with Foundation!

Everyone can Benefit from Foundation Training: improve spinal & pelvic – core – stability, improve posture, improve the integrity of every movement you make, improve performance, significantly decrease your chances for injury, and decrease or eliminate pain.

How Can Foundation Training Make me a Better Athlete?
If you are interested in mastering powerful movement patterns to improve performance and get the most out of physical activity, Foundation Training is for you – from the recreational athlete to professional athlete. When the muscles of the posterior chain learn to work together, your body will naturally brace the low back and support the spine and pelvis, giving you a more stable platform to drive movement from. The large muscles that surround the hips will properly function to propel you forward with power and coordination. You will become stronger, more flexible, and more functionally fit, ultimately improving performance.

How Can Foundation Training Help keep me Injury & Pain-Free?
Think about the mechanics, if you improperly load a system (i.e. your body: low back, knees, etc) or you load a weak structure (your core: the muscles attaching to your pelvis), you will accelerate wear and tear in the areas that are absorbing force, resulting in injury and pain. Why might you improperly load you body? Because most people have learned faulty movement patterns, resulting in aberrant joint tracking and loading which leads to degeneration. Foundation Training teaches you to move properly, with integrity, spreading force throughout a chain of muscles – intended to absorb force, resulting in natural movement patterns and a decreased chance of injury and pain.

The Science:
Foundation training is neuroplasticity, or “muscle memory”.  With Foundation Training, the nerves that control/innervate the muscles are enhanced and the movement patterns become an embedded process.  Later, when mastering movement/activities of your choice, you do not have to think about how to move properly, these patterns and neurological pathways will be accessed automatically. With Foundation Training, it is the quality of the exercises and frequency that you do them that matter most. Foundation is a great bookend to any activity (before & after).

Why work with an Instructor?
Peace of mind, improved health & performance, efficient use of time & money – quality. You will get proper instruction from someone who is qualified to teach these very specific exercises. Working with a Certified Instructor will assure that you are taught to do the exercises correctly, safely, & effectively – for your body, and you will be more efficient with your time and training.

Please come to Foundation Training Sessions prepared to move, tremble, and sweat – wear comfortable, athletic clothing, bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Honeymoon Travel in November


Many of you know, Ryan and I have planned our honeymoon! I will be away from November 8-18, 2010. This is the only travel that I have planned at this point, but the Holidays are approaching quickly and the possibility of more travel is likely. I will keep you posted and up to date with my Holiday travel plans as they evolve.

Honeymoon2My suggestion is to plan ahead and get your massage therapy sessions scheduled, the earlier the better and I will do everything I can to accommodate your requests.

Be well.

Hello Massage Boulder

BoulderI am blissfully honored to introduce myself as the new owner of Massage Boulder. As you now know, I will be taking over Jess’ practice and the Massage Boulder brand, as she and her husband follow their path to amazing opportunities on the East Coast.

I am looking forward to the challenges of working extremely hard to continue to make a positive impact on each of your lives and to maintain the incredibly loyal clientele that Jess has worked very hard to nurture.  It is my goal to pick up where Jess leaves off and to work with each of you to meet your individual massage therapy needs.

It means so much to me to have the opportunity to make a difference in your lives through the numerous benefits of massage therapy. I look forward to meeting each of you and learning more about you in the near future.

I encourage you to frequently check-in at to view more information on my background, interests, scheduling, and any updates to the website.


Maia Ignatz

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at or 720-938-5910

Massage Boulder client follows passion, launches business

IMG_4342Soon to be mother of two and client of mine since the beginning, Monika Drake recently launched her photography website – Monika Drake Photography.

Monika has been been passionate about photography her entire life.  No matter the occasion, it seems that she had a camera with her at every moment. After the birth of her first child she decided that it was time to follow her passion.  IMG_6549She is a natural light photographer who specializes in children, babies, families, high school seniors, couples and maternity.

Monika is a joy and I encourage you to check out her website.  I think you’ll agree that her work speaks for itself.

Massage and simple relaxation ease anxiety

A new study shows that patients who received a series of 10 massages over a period of three months cut their anxiety symptoms almost in half.  The same study, published in the journal of Depression and Anxiety, also found that simple relaxation was equally effective.  So was wrapping the subject’s arms and legs with heating pads and warm towels.  All three treatments took place on a massage table in a room with soft lighting and quiet music.  All three groups reported similar decreases in anxiety of more than 40 percent.