Summer Travel for Moi

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I have a few trips scheduled this summer which ultimately makes scheduling a bit nuts.   But hey, these trips represent the well deserved break that I need in order to remain fresh, enthusiastic and energetic for your sessions.

First trip is this month, leaving June 22nd and returning to my practice on July 5th – heading to Idaho to support my husband as he races his 5th Ironman.  And yes, my husband gets massage – every week as a matter of fact and we continually manage to keep him an injury free highly functioning zombie during his Ironman prep.  This is going to be exciting, I will be updating MB’s facebook page throughout the race!DSC00068

Next, I will be departing on August 5th for my annual east coast ocean fix and returning to my practice on Tuesday, August 17th.  As a Pisces, Rat and water lover this vacation is nothing less than necessary.  I plan to visit one of the neighboring islands, shop authentic Cape goods with my mom, love my little nephew Vinnie Louis and eat a ton of seafood (see photo from last year’s visit).

My suggestion is the earlier the better for scheduling and I will do everything I can to accommodate all requests.

Be well all and get your well deserved vacations scheduled too!

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