Bodyworkers – we are needed now!

Got this email this morning….I’m in for tomorrow in the least.  Will take it day to day.  See you out there!  Please contact Michelle directly to sign up,

Hi – I saw your email addresses on the fire notice at the massage store on Broadway and wondered if any of you would be available anytime in the next several days to do volunteer massage at the Boulder Airport?

There are 2-3 makeshift rooms inside the main building we can use, and many pilots and firefighters who really need massage (most seem to need deep tissue/treatment massage rather than just Swedish), but at the moment it’s only me.

If you know of any other therapists who’d be interested, feel free to pass this on for them so they can contact me. I’m thinking we could probably accommodate 4-5 therapists at a time, and I’m sure they can round up enough people to keep us busy – they will try to rotate in the ground firefighters from the res if we can get enough therapists. We can do shifts as needed and as much as you are available – they are very happy with whatever we can give, and today I did ~20 min sessions that seemed to work ok.

If you’re game, let me know when you’re available – basically it can probably be anytime between ~8am and ~10pm, though I’ve recommended starting late a.m./midday so they don’t get a massage in the a.m. and then go out and strain themselves. It’ll for sure be Sat-Sun, probably Mon, possibly through Tues-Wed and a slight chance for longer than that.

The basics as of today:

-we have a large tub (gallon?) of Biotone lotion donated by Rick at the massage store on north Broadway – bring your own bottle to fill up and maybe some backup lotions in case we run out
-we might get some sheets and towels as donations, but don’t count on it (if you know of where we can get sheets/towels please go for it!)

-bring your own table, linens, chair, whatever you need to do your thing (mostly back, neck and shoulder stuff so far)
-bring your proof of Colorado registration (needed by the airport for insurance reasons) – we’ll make a copy of it for their records
-bring whatever food and drinks you need (there is at least one snack machine there)

They are great people, fun to work on and they need bodywork! Thanks if you can help out at all – please let me know as soon as you can if you are available, even if it’s for a couple of hours. You can try me at home after about 9a.m. at 720 328 1167, or mobile 720 771 6257 – I’ll return your call as soon as I can.  I’ll check email in the morning, but i may not have access after about 10a.m.

Thanks very much,

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Massage for Peace touches people in need

This is a blog post from – the gracious folks that helped us start our revolution for peace.  This photo is from our first day of training in Dharamsala, India which serendipitously happened to be International Peace Day.   A million thank yous to everyone that supported this trip; financially and spiritually.  I will go back; for there is more peace and healing touch to share.

by teesblog on July 7, 2010

The Massage for Peace program by the Boulder College of Massage Therapy literally touches hundreds of people each year.

The non-profit massage school helps student share their healing hands with those living with illness, in poverty, and through war and conflict. Each year they offer 10,000 hours of massage free of charge to those who need it most.

As one alumna for the College, Becky Little explains Massage for Peace is “the simple act of reaching out and touching someone. Extending the love, care, and respect that comes from nurturing touch to another human being is a gift that enriches life. The gentle touch of a hand or a reassuring hug reduces fear, anxiety, and loneliness often felt in times of unrest and despair.”

With the average cost of a massage being about $1 per minute, over the last 33 years the school estimates its donation to those in need to be nearly $200,000.

At home, massage therapists from the school each spend about 250 hours per year with patients in prenatal, postpartum, cancer, cardiac, and orthopedic care at Boulder Community Hospital.

Last September, 10 massage therapists travelled to Dharamsala, India to teach massage therapy to Tibetan refugees at Lha Charitable Trust. Many of the refugees they worked with arrived with little aside from the clothes on their backs and the terror of the experiences they escaped. In a letter afterward, the trust’s general manager Ngawang Rabgyal said the skills learned by the refugees will go a long way toward helping them rebuild their confidence, and praised BCMT for its dedication to non violence. This was the seventh trip by students of the school to Dharamsala.

We at Tees for Change are proud  that we designed and produced the Massage for Peace t-shirts worn by the massage therapists on their journey and we hope you’ll join us in following their adventures in peace.

If you want to know more about the Massage for Peace trip to India, you can read all about it on the BCMT blog. To donate to Massage for Peace please follow this link.

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