Hey Athletes…

Off-Season / Maintenance

Maintenance is often the key to athletic success. To ensure that you will be ready for your next activity or event, whether it is days or months away, a personal strategy can be devised. Deep tissue is one therapy that will release the knots and patterns that may inhibit your performance. The Off-Season is a great time to work towards normalizing repetitively used and stressed muscles and other  tissues.

Sports maintenance massage is performed when an athlete has reduced his or her training schedule, is not competing, or during the athlete’s off-season. A sports maintenance massage works with an athlete’s strength, flexibility, coordination, biomechanics, posture, stress patterns, scar tissue, and existing injuries.

Sometimes, athletes do not perform to their maximum potential during their season due to recurring injury. Additionally, they may not have made enough time for massage therapy, appropriate rest/recovery periods, and exercises for proper rehabilitation during the season; and most athletes do not want to miss any training because of injuries, so they return to action before their injuries have sufficiently healed. This is why sports maintenance massage is so important and why it is ideally received when the athlete is not competing or during the off-season.

With consistent sports maintenance massage therapy,  the therapist and athlete can work together to achieve the greatest changes for the athlete and support a higher level of athletic performance.